About Us

    GEOVIETNAM is a company highly specialized on Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Engineering. Our company is a group of qualified staffs, creativity and dynamism engineers and advisors committee who are experts in geotechnical engineering from Vietnam and abroad. Equipped by synchronous systems of equipment and modern technologies and methos, Geovietnam is one of the leaders on studying, education and transferring new technologies on geotechnical engineering, especially on doing construction of soil improvement work.

    We are currently holding several key technologies on soil improvement such as Vacuum preloading method, large diameter cast-in place pipe pile (PCC), Tshape cement deep mixing, sand drain and sand compaction piles, reuse of dredging for construction material, waterproofing, for waste disposal sites, supply geotechnical and geoenvironmental materials (PVD, geotexttiles, geomembrane HDPE. GCL, geogrids…)

    1. Consultant, Design and Construction of Sofl Soil  Improvement work for Civil and Industrial Engineering, Transportation, Irrigation and Infrastructure.
    2. Supply and construction for Geptechnical and Geoenvironmental materials.
    3. Trading, import and export machinery, materials, momitoring and measurement Intruments on Geotechnical engineering
    4. Geology investigation, insitu  and laboratory tests
    5. Consulting and technology transfer on geotechnical engineering.


    1. Soil improvement by Surcharge combined with PVDs preloading
    2. Soil improvement by surcharge combined with PVDs preloading
    3. Soil improvement by cast-in-place concrete large - diameter pipe pile
    4. Soil improvement by cement deep mixing method
    5. Reuse of dredgings for geomaterials
    6. Supply and construction Geomaterials
    7. Geology investigation, monitoring work, laboratory and in-situ tests
    8. Waterproofing for waste disposal sites, coal clinker sites, contamination tra
    9. Consulting geotechnical engineering and construction


    Add.: No.D6, 61/23 Alley, Do Quang street, Trung Hoa ward, Cau giay district, Hanoi
    Tel.: +84-4 36276642         Fax: +84-435553786      
    webstie: www.geovietnam.com
    Hotline: 0987.977.886